Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have a dream, a song to sing

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez campaigns ahead of the December 3 presidential elections in a neighbourhood in the capital city, Caracas.
If you want to know someone, walk a mile in their shoes.

I’m wearing size 11, not sure if many people could do that, I remember trying to buy shoes in Malaysia. A truly trying experience, just go to the big shopping centre if your size 11 my friend, don’t even waste any time shopping for bargains, there are none, not in size 11 anyway.

Listening to Foo fighters Another Round, I remember they were big supporters of Bush, in the US. The only reason I heard them was because of the 2 boys stuck down the well in Tassie, Timmy O’Tool and his friend.
Speaking of them, they have now released a book of their ‘Experiences’, cant believe it, they spend 2 weeks down a hole and the rest of their lives milking it. Well I suppose I beats having to go back down the hole.

What happened last night, oh the usual, went to Spanish class and that was good, things are starting to click. Went to the Empress for a beer and started talking to a guy Brendan, met the guy next to him when the conversation drifted to Colbert and Daily Show, have to check out Colbert roasting of Bush. In fact I’ll do it right now. Err, maybe in a bit when peering eyes are off. So writing it is.

After The Empress, we went to Bar Open, met a few people there and go out of there around 3am. Such as life, but what else would you expect from me? Huh ?

Started transcribing Spanish into a note book, technically Telstra owns my Spanish notes and In the Mix DJ sets, Intellectual property I think it’s called. Not sure if they would want it though, might not fit in with the scheme of things ?

Had a quick look at my notes from hanging out in Thailand, brought back a few memories, that’s only the start of it, there is more to come my friend, more.

I wrote around Jan 2000, that I wanted to learn Spanish, well nearly 6 years on, I’m doing it, I wonder what will come if, I always wanted to learn Spanish, sounds like a cool language, I’ve always liked Spanish people for some reason, maybe it was because of Barcelona ? And there’s South America, has to be done me boy.

Sandra from the Empress daughter went to Argentina and was so sick that she went blind for 3 days, I’ve heard some stories but that takes the biscuit, would be really scary too to go blind. Flashback to Vang Vien after that Milkshake that I should of only drank half, when will I learn moderation, good job I don’t get too paranoid, well not yet anyway, and there’s always time, might just slow down a bit, I have things to do on Saturday, get a jacket, another $10 job on Chapel, might get 2, to be sure, to be sure and a haircut.

Might try and get a blood test today and see how I’m traveling, could find out about the tropical diseases stuff, yes I think I will. Good idea.

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