Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh the weekend the weekend

Well, trying to remember what happened on the weekend.

I went out with Fuz and Heidi and his French friend, can’t remember his name now,
Went to brown alley, had enough of that then it was off to Revolver, on attempt 2 I got in. Stayed until around 12 noon as per usual, should have gone home, when will I ever learn, never probably. Got home on Saturday around 2pm had a sleep, felt much better indeed. Decided I would have a quiet sort of night, so it was off to the Tote, met some people Nicky, Lou and can’t remember the guy’s name. Then it was off to Jim’s tavern. Yummy Greek food.

Then it was off to my place to view the city lights have a beer and smoke. Nicky had a voice mail of a guy that had Turrets syndrome. The voicemail contained some impromptu comments ‘I don’t know where you are’, ‘Show us your pink bits’, very amusing party piece.
Went to the Sunday club in the city, had a bit of a dance, met some people and went to Revolver after Revolver I went with an Indian chick to The Vineyard, had another dance and met 2 dental nurses one of them I going out with an Irish nerd, there you go, then I got a taxi home. Story.

Should do some more productive things on the weekend, hmm. But that’s not going to happen, met some good people though, not that bad and had fun to boot, there you go, not too shabby.

Recording more in the mix music, Anthony Pappa to be exact, much better than his earlier stuff.

Met a chick at the Sunday club that’s a fan of Inthemix music, it would be interesting to meet up with her to give her all the music I’ve been recording.

Peace out, for now :)

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