Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sydney baby yeah

So where did I leave off last ?

Some where last week, early last week I think it was.
Well what happened since then Kieran ? Well I’ll tell you.

Met Mr. Phillips last week for coffee and he mentioned the Newtown festival and how he was going. I didn’t think much of it until I was walking back and I had to book a ticket to Sydney. Good idea.

Took a half day on Friday and day off on Monday, good idea.

Got Chris to drive me to the airport, good idea, got there on time. Great all was going well, but I noticed they were only boarding a pane to Perth, something was not right.

Checked my email, realized the flight was from Tullamarine, eek !!

Managed to ring up and get the flight changed, only cost me $5.50 too, I thought it was $50, but I didn’t care. I should have been sipping beers on the harbor, but it wasn’t to be. No problem, got to Newtown for around 9ish in the end, no worries.

Saturday night had a party with Simon's mates, took a few good photos too. Ended up getting a Taxi there, it was nowhere where I thought it was. Redfern is a big place, or so it seems to me anyway

I went as a rock star (In get up from last year, I like the clothes though). Fell asleep in the downstairs part of the house, good sleep.

Woke up and I was off out the door, take me to the festival. Taxi back.

The dog show was good craic as always, hung out by the DJ section for most of the day, missed Bass Kleb, saw Bec Patterson, the English chick I was hanging out with thought she was good.

Went for a beer in the Carlyle and low and behold I saw Jane sitting on the bar like she had never moved, had a beer with her and her friend and it was back to the festival.

Met one of the girls from the Coopers Lisa near the Courthouse, she told me she was thinking about me the other day, very strange indeed!

Hung out with the English for a while, she cooked dinner I got the wine and it was back out to see what was on offer in Newtown. Went to the @Newtown, looks more classy now.

Monday I woke up, that was a good start, checked out, called into Startcorp or bCode as it’s now called. That was a good laugh took a few photos, back on the harbor baby. James, Raena and Mr. Mak are the only surviving members, the cat doesn’t have any teeth apparently, hmmm to be expected really.

Ohh, had a thought there 32 days until I leave, I leave the same day as my work Christmas party in the Fitzroy Bowls club, I’ll be going to the real Christmas weather my friend, don’t worry about me.

Went to Bondi, called into the Lets go surfing (Where I bought all my surf gear) and had a chat.

Went to the walk to Coogie, met an awesome chick from Yorkshire, Lindsey, great craic. Got a few photos too. I was too occupied with saying good bye to her that I forgot to pay, probably didn’t occur to her either. I was happy to have met her and she was happy to meet me, then we went our directions.

I did email her yesterday and offer her a flight to Melbourne if she wanted to come down, chances of that now are very slim my friend, very slim. No regrets on my part thought.

Now I’m back to work, going to see Malmsteen tomorrow, should be great.

That’s it for now :)

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