Friday, November 17, 2006

Memories of my dog Alf

Cute puppy isn’t it ? Apparently it’s a half dog, half cat. The dirty dog, it’s the offspring Alf was always trying to have, god bless his little soul.

Well it’s Friday afternoon, I’ve done feck all this week again as per usual and loving it, the finishing line is well within sight and I’m going to power home over the finish line. Just had a flashback of Guerilla tactics I employed against my landlord, not that I would get the blame. But the landlord will be hopping mad at the girls or maybe at everyone, the Metallica song, 'Am i evil.....yes i am', or maybe he's getting his Karma that he's been dishing out for so long. Getting it from me !!

I used to be an altar boy you know? No one ever suspects the altar boy, did I tell you I had my photo taken with the Bishop? I didn’t, well I’m telling you now.

Recorded heaps of Ben Watt and I’m going to get more, all his friends are on his site, your supposed to pay and only listen, but I’ve got the recording down to an art and I’m grabbing it all, gimme, gimme, gimme !!!

Must print out my Spanish homework and do that Monday, life is tough, he he.
Subscribed to lots of new Pod casts today and watched a documentary that was asking the question, ‘Did Aliens create the Pyramids’. Some people think so, let them off, you have to have something to believe in I suppose, even if it’s half baked idea, or not.

Good link easy_mental_multiplication

Maybe it’s time to ring people, why not waste a more time before I go out for a beer with Fuz and Heidi.

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