Thursday, April 12, 2007

A holiday within a holiday

Toilet in Secret Garden

Well it´s taken me 52 minutes to get this far, how far that you say ?

Well i started off ripping Jill´s music into a format that would fit onto my mp3 player, thanks Jill. I call that format mp3.

Well whats been happening, well since i last left you, probably with a full stop, so i´ll give you an encore and then continue.

Right so, down to business. Now i´m back in Porta Ayorta, beginning to feel a bit like Father Jack when he sobered up, ´Am i still on that feckin island, afraid so father jack.

But it´s not all bad, between reading my books and hanging out with Jill and drinking beer and then after 8 beers hanging out with drunk Jill and then some more beers life is going well, depends what you call life really, and we´ll get to that later.

Got to the Galapagos with no real clear idea of what i was going to do except hang out and meet people and ´Do stuff´ect ect and so on and so forth.

Lets start at the start, after a bit of a false start getting here, missed my flight from partying too hard, cant really blame anyone but myself and making myself look like a bit of an eejit infront of the family not being able to wake me up and when they did, i opted to go back to sleep, i was never happier to be asleep, so much for partying hard.

Eventually got here and happened to see a guy hanging around a bit, so i said hello
and as Jill will tell you, ´Hello´ is a good way of metting people, so i said hello
and as luck would have it, his name was Kieran to, and he was from Cork too, but raised in North Carolina, well 2 out of 3 aint bad as Meatloaf will tell you.

So it began there and went on, met some girls from Quito, hello girls and the party went on
Met Jill before the girls, hello Jill, and the party went on.
Met the Captain, and the party went on.
Met Mike from San Diego, hi Mike, and the party went on.

Currently listening to Jills music, and the music is strangly interesting, no sure what it´s called and maybe i´ll never know, i´m waiting for the ´Peaches and Peaches´ song to come on.
Yep cant wait for that one.

Back to the story, after being 7 odd days of pretty much drinking with a girl who likes beer more than me, and i came to the Galapagos for a break, i thought it was time for another break so i went to Isabella, and off i went, within 20 minutes of getting there i met Mike ´Kicking it´

´Kicking it´ will be one of my phrases from here on in, i feel like i was walking through a lost home for dog´s and baby ´Kicking it´ was looking up at me with his ´Moo cow´ and i said ´Can we keep him´ and while i was busy
filling in the papers i saw ´Random´ and i said i´ll take hime too.

As Mike would say ´Random´, which he said funnily enough quite a lot when i was talking to him, which was quite a lot.

Which brings me to Mike, went to his boat on Isabella, tide was getting low, bad idea. After about 2 hours of ´Kicking it´ on his boat it was decided i should retire to my Quarters, good idea no ? (Thinking to myself ´Well, yes and no´ brain
yes and no), We headed back and since Mike didnt want to damage the engine, he lifted up the engine, good idea no ?

Well yes and no, because he couldnt get it back down again. So anyway out comes the lighter, and it came omoniously close to the engine, it was pretty dark, and i thought that was a bad idea, but it turned out to be good as he go the motor down
But the lighter got wet and by this stage Mike was getting a bit distressed and couldnt light his cigarette, which turned out to be a bad idea. I wanted to paddle over to one of the yahts and disturb a guy from his G and T.

But that would have been a bad idea as your supposed to know what your doing at sea, i would like to state here that i´m not a seaman and i dont know anything about seamen, or being a seaman for that matter.

Jill´s song is telling me she is too drunk to fuck, good one Jill, where do you get your inspiration fom ?

So Meself anf Mike, make it to shallow water, and off goes the engine and out comes the paddle, paddle boys, paddle, so we did, until the best oar broke and we are floating again.

So i said, ´Will i get out and push´ Mike says no, so i did anyway, until we hit dry land, well really it was a sand bar, and we were still 150 meter´s from real dry land.

Luckily enough, i was able to walk most of the way, and Mike was like, Íf you walk around the side it wont be so bad.

So after running back for my sandles, which as it turned out werent mine at all, i went straight accross, and the water went as far as my waste then af far as my hips chest, upper chest and i must of been a funny sight wit my wallet and shoesover my head, hoping it wasnt going to be any deeper and as i got back i saw a small sting ray.

Mike was telling me, that he felt really bad watching me wade accross, i thought it was hilllarious, as Mike ran back to his dingy
before it floated away.

Next day we swapped back sandles, and the boys sailed off to the south pacific and they all lived happily ever after.

And thats the story of Mike and Me.

On Isbella, we went snorkling and a Sea Lion came up to us and pretty much said ´Thats not how you swim, this is how how you swim´ and proceeded to show us land cratures how it´s done zooming around us and jumping out of the water, nothing i´ve ever seen comes close, saw white tipped sharks, heaps of them, Boobies (The bird kind, i like them too, the birds´

And thousands of Turles, giant ones and their babies.
Walked to the Wall of tears, it´s a huge pile of stones prisoners of war had to build to give them something to do i suppose, i suppose it´s safer than digging a hole?


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