Friday, March 16, 2007

Paddys day is a coming

So roll on the weekend

Paddys day is coming up, Saturday in fact and all is well.

Finished reading 'Me talk pretty one day' by David Sedaris

And even though (note you should never start a sentence with and) i should give the book on to someone else, i'm not
i'm going to read it again and again and again and again and again. There i've said it. Your not getting it.

Maybe by reading it over and over some of it will rub off on me, or may be it wont. But why take a chance when it could ?

Going to the Islands on the 23rd, for 18 daze. Looking forward to it. Chris is scheduled to arrive today, should be good and as the
experienced guide i can make all sorts of statements and judgments and since I’m the guide, who’s going to argue with me ?

The Jazz festival has been going well with free concerts during the day and gig’s at night, and for $10 how can one argue? Saw some great piano players this week, last night there was a guy playing the harmonica that was tearing it up. He played some really complicated stuff on Piano as well and then he played both. The bass player last night was unreal, pretty good considering that they don’t really have the clubs here for that stuff.

The Sax player from Argentina won best Sax player from 2000 – 2005, didn’t do anything unreal, it’s hard when you start off on Coltrane. Not every player is at that level.

Had a dance lesson with Elli, Wilma and their friend that I think was in that dance group we saw 2 weeks ago. Loco for the dancing they are. Then we saw the Dancing with the stars, it was a bit like standing next to teenagers watching the Beetles, but without the live music.

Spanish is coming along well, now we have covered the past, present and future. Much practice is needed but it is making sense, sort of and if it isn’t, ignorance is bliss.

A Sedaris bit for yea

See yea in the funny pages

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