Thursday, March 01, 2007

Climbing a mountain, then going down

Hola (I think the spelling is right)

The Spanish is coming along nicely, the family are great. Heading out with them tonight to see a Salsa performance. Free tickets and a rumor of a salsa class on Friday.
Heading to the Sacuquili market to morrow. It´s supposed to be Ecuadors most important market, no commercial crap, just rural people. Not much beer tonight, wont have a repeat of last week (I meant to go last week, but the night life was calling) and a birthday on Friday, mine to be exact, theres talk of a birthday cake.

One of my Neighbours, from Queensland is leaving, so there is going to be a bit of a party, so it will be a good one.

Life is easy, the way it should be, i´m learning about English grammer by learning Spanish and every day i´m understanding more and more even though somedays i look like a mute when i´m trying to say something.

Climbed the local Pichincha volcano 3 days ago, i was the only one to walk all the way up, every one thought i was on speed, nope just house music, glad i didnt run out of batteries or i would have been screwed.
I did a fair bit of training in Cork for it, bringing my mother´s dogs for 15km walks, i never did run out of batteries, i would have been screwed there too.

Going to head down south after the Spanish in about 3-4 weeks, theres no rush, i have plenty of time. I´ll hit the Moccu Piccu trail, it will probably be the rainy season, but i´m used to it and it doesnt bother me a bit, sur wasnt i on the Arran Islands in January ? It's not too bad once you get used to being cold and wet all the time.

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