Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Walking in the Jungle, it´s no forest you know !

One of Kirsten´s photos

Just got back from the jungle treck in Tena.
Me ? I had a great time, i stayed with Fidel's family for 1 extra night.
I stayed in the upstairs of his house, under construction, currently has 2
walls. All his neighbors could see me sleeping.

As predicted, by 1 Australian on the advice of another Australian i would end up buying a lot, most of the beers, and as good advice goes i threw caution to the wind. But the difference being that the chick in the
red short shorts that cooked breakfast in the morning
came out with us, and was looking exceptionally fine, and could she cook !

She had no problem with my accent, the first girl in a
long time and even though she didnt speak a word of
English at one point i remember thinking, "Hey i'm
speaking Spanish".

At that point the cost of beers went out the window
and beers were on me, it was a good Spanish lesson,
very intense.

Her room was below the bus stop, i got a wave goodbye,
i did at one point feel like saying, "I'll be back" or
"I'm not leaving" but instead i just got on the bus
with Fidel and his family.

All in all, it was great craic.

The Shaman who doubled up as the old man performed a ceramony to get rid of bad spirits which i think did the trick.

I think someone swiped a few travellers cheques, $20 or $40, but shit happens, they got me yet another time.

Stayed in a cave the second night of the treck, i didn´t think i got any sleep, but it´s comforting to know the guy next to me was pissed off with my snoring and farting, i blame the motu (Chick pea kind of food). What else would you expect ?

Had a fish dinner, rice salad and 1 whole fried fish at the bus atation, the doller goes a long way here.

Speaking of food, my legs were eaten (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the treck, only a bit of malaria about, if thats any consolation...........

Chris is arriving in a few days, i will be the Tour guide, should be good

Peace out


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