Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cooking, Cleaning and living a normal life

A Hindu holy man bathes in Allahabad during the Ardh Kumbh Mela festival, the largest religious gathering in the world

Well what’s been going on ?

Been helping the mother put her new kitchen in the first step in putting in a new kitchen is take out the old one, but before you can do that you must take out what’s in the old kitchen, and before you do that you must have somewhere to store the stuff So I spent 4 days cleaning out 2 Attics, had a fire going for 4 days solid, burnt heaps of old paper, you can be fined here now for having a fire going on your land, but if the fire wasn’t going nothing would have been thrown away and you would be back to square one, how am I going to get the kitchen in.

So now we are at a stage where the old one can come out, only took 5 days, but we are there, and it’s not a very big kitchen either.

Getting away from work and all of that, went out last Sunday night to see a gig.

I saw Wallis Bird
Unreal is all I can say, she badly cut her finger when she was 2. Right handed, so she taught herself to play as a left handed, because no one told her that was not what you were supposed to do. Great gig, I was talking to a guy that was telling me her drummer was unreal.

Looked her wikipedia, she is compared with Janis Joplin and Annie De Franco, haven’t heard much of Annies stuff, but now maybe I will.

Going to go to Galway to morrow and see where the craic is at. There is 5 cars in my house, but no chance of me getting a car for a few days or a week, so I think I’ll get the bus, someone else can drive, I’ve driven enough. I’ll feel like a poor man being chauffeured around, but chauffeured none the less and that’s better that walking or a kick in the arse. And that’s a fact.

I’ll try and use my fake student id, it’s expired. But it still works. Meself and the sister went to the movies last night. She goes to UCC, I have a fake USIT that says I go to UCC, the guy selling tickets took ages looking at her ID. I started making a bit of a fuss going ‘Erra, Susan I’ll pay for it’ just to get his eyes away from the cards. It worked too, but after all, she is an actual student. You can never be too careful, there are some chancer’s out there.

I will try and take in the Cliffs of Moher, without getting blown off, I’m told a few have of recent. Won’t be getting too close, my camera has a very nice zoom function, very nice. :) God knows how many Australians went on about West Ireland, now I think I’ll go and see what they were on about.

Stay tuned


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