Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful.......

Cool eh ?

It's lashing rain as a write this. Been quiet on the going out front, too quiet if you ask me.

Had a few beers last night while the mother and sister were having dinner upstairs at a bar, i'm told my mammy put me to bed. Sent off a few text messages too, seemed like a good idea at the time, but over time, maybe not and as the length of time increases and as the universe expands, no defiantly not.

Been very slack with the Spanish lessons. The mother doesn’t want me to leave, will have to get motivated again, pick a date mid January and go.

Walking the dogs here is really good, went on a huge walk with some good tunes into the country, or used to be country, it's like Fraggle rock here with the Doozers building everywhere.
Every morning I’m under constant survalance, I cant bring all 3 dogs, cos they are Fuckn mad as hatters. We have 2 outdoors and one indoors. If the one inside sees me walking around she starts barking, them the 2 outside go absolutely mad, it wouldn’t have been much of a problem 10 years ago, but the Doozers have been hard at work and now we have neighbours.

Told my sister I was talking to my uncle in the pub last week and he said to me ‘What does your mother see in those dogs, they’re only mongrels’
Sisters response ‘He’s a feckin mongrle’. Funny thing is that they both are right

The walk was really cool, if the battery on my iRiver went dead there is no way i would have made it back, no way. Every one thinks i'm mad walking, but if you saw the country with the mist lifting, you'd have to be mad to stay in bed.

I saw Warney went out well, made the back page of the newspaper here, i nearly laughed. I was contemplating ringing the newspaper and abusing them for putting an English game on an Irish paper, all for a laugh of course, i don’t mind Warney at all.

I was in a pub last week and i said to a fellow.
Me: What’s the story with this country, it's dark at 9am and it's dark at 3pm, in Australia it's 25 Degrees.
Him: 'Erra, Feck Australia, I'm watching a horse race'

It's become a bit of a running joke here, every time i mention 'Australia' my sister says 'Erra, Feck Australia, I'm watching a horse race'. I have to do something to amuse myself.

I've been helping the mother out cooking, cleaning and stuff out the back that she's been asking my siblings to do for ages. I am number 1, it doesn’t matter what I do for the next year
Cooked rice and vegetables a few times (All in 1 pot) here with a Soy sauce, Chilly, coriander, ginger and Garlic sauce) I am being hailed as the best chef since Jamie Oliver. But any dinner you don’t have to cook, is pretty good.

So I’m living the normal life for a bit, trying to get the dole too. Money for breathing really which I will hand over to the mother, I don’t need it, but it’s on offer. I feel like a guy going to dinner party with a doggie bag and saying ‘It’s for the dog’ and someone else saying, ‘But you don’t have a dog’, at that point I am going to fake a mental illness, that’s half true after all, some people don’t need much convincing of that after all. :)

Have to make a start on the Spanish again and figure out where to go Ecuador, I think…………..

Time will tell


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