Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crocus flowers blossom through a layer of snow in Freiburg, southern Germany

Well this time next year I won’t be a millionaire, but this time next week I will have been on a Jet plane, 2 in fact.

I booked the first flight today, and if I had booked it last night it would have cost me Euro 0.01, today 23 euro, so why didn’t I do it last night, internet connection was slow. That’s like I suppose, tough shit.

Going to head out for a walk with the dogs, listen to Spanish, hopefully some of it is sinking in. Languages are acquired, so it will be a case of having to acquire it when I hit SA, because very few will ‘Have the English’, do you follow me now?

Listening to the Frames on the net, through You tube, not a bad band, Kerry I think, a bit like Cold play, a bit I said!!

Should be cleaning out the attic over the garage today, my cleaning services are in the demand, no frills, cleaning, I get the job done, I could be to cleaning what the Dog the bounty hunter is to bounty hunting. I’m coming to get you!!!

Might go to a gig tonight, Cyprus Avenue has a UCC student night on, I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a student around campus. After all I’ve technically been there and in reality I haven’t, but that’s reality and that’s a tricky thing sometimes.

Off for a walk to Knockraha and back, I’m off.

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