Thursday, May 24, 2007

Craziest nigh on record, by a long shot

Dragon dancers parade during a ceremony in Chengdu in south-west China's Sichuan province

Can this be real, cause i feel fake, Ricky Martin and Ricky lake, telling me things that i dont need to know

What the fuck happend last night, the truth be told, i dont really know, but i´ll tell you what i can

Getting the streaming music working is driving me crazy, playing one of my CD´s playing, thank god for Mark Murphy.

Went out last night with Fred, Will and myself. i consider myself a person, well at least i try, and try i do, after all god loves a trier, what does he hate ? A smimey bastard, that i am not, well at least i think i´m not, but first read on and come to your own conclusions.

It´s nowe 6.42am, havent slepd yet, why you say ? I´m getting to that.

As i said, i went out, Fred went home, as i thought he might, bye bye Fred, he´s now asleep, but that has nothing to do with the story, but it might be relevent in getting a bit of a contrast.

Met a German guy, then i met his friends, he said his friends were ok, so we drove on (Well we walked around the corner) to a happening club, well a bottle shop, with what i think was Techno playing, i didnt really care, it wasnt Reggethon or Salsa, party on Whane.

I saw a guy with an Australian top on, and in all fairness when you see a sight like that, you´d be inclined in thinking that they were Australian, he was not i´m sad to report. He was in fact a Canadian guy, trying to keep warm.

Well it wasnt long before Will made his introduction and started yapping away with a local chick that looked more Dutch than Columbian, no big deal.
The Canadian (Mike to be exact) started making love with his face, no one got hurt with a Columbian chick.

What was i doing, i was the dancing queen, and i was playing the part well if i dont so myself.

We ajurned downstairs for a bit, where i got a Spanish/Columbian rap, with my name thrown in here and there, for about 10 min it was too much for me to handle.

The club finished and we went off walking, the gringos/guys got stung for more drink purchased on the way, cheers ladies
We ended up at someones house, and the process of knocking commenced, where by to everyones amazement the door was opened and in we filed in total darkness and out to the back of the house.

So standing in the darkness, the habitant, for the lack of a better word produced a light bulb and proceeded to install in and then there was light, after a while the birds started singing, and then there was sound, but no rock, not yet anyway.

After some time it was decided that Mick, myself and his ´Bird´ would head back to the hostle.
We got back, and proceeded to drink a fair bit of water, and then, in my infinate wisdom decided we were having too much fun to end it there, so off we went again.

On the way the Columbian chick, in her infinate wisdom stopped here and there to recite poetery, what a laugh with cops watching us.

Remember, this is a quiet Wednesday night, gone terribly wrong, terribly.

So we ended up back at the dodgy house, where the other 2 Columbians were hanking out, so we joined them, and had a dance, well i was anyway.

After another undefined time there again we finally made a brake for it and in between meself and Mick in stiches laughing at the Columbian, i made it home, they went of fon their merry way and i went to bed, but not for long.

I had to get up and write this story, so good or bad it´s a story that need to be told, so there.

What a laugh, i wonder what Thursday night will be like ?

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