Saturday, May 26, 2007

Did anyone order a drunk Naked Irish guy ?

A police officer stands watch over naked demonstrators at the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm, where the G8 summit will be held next month. Stripping off in protest is a German tradition and was a subtle but popular form of rebellion in the East before the fall of the Berlin Wall

Well, well, well, what can i say.

The story gets more intricate, if i may use such a word, which i can, because i´m god Authors note: God in French means ´Sex toy´
So my only advuce at this point is beware of French people that referr to you as a Sex toy, it´s not all glory you know!

What i´m really here to relate to you, not talk is the Crazy irish guy i met on my way back back from writing to you, yes you, so pay attention.

Hrtr we go, i finished typing (I´m not related to Jaque Kourack), i got a burst of inspiration, a tell all, no holds barred.

But we are here to talk about he Kerry man/Irish guy

I was trying to open my door (Tricky business), when this guy with a botttle of Rum came up to me.
Managed to explain myelf sufficently (Back to the ) Irish guy.

The Kerry man could´nt find his hostle and led the assualt on the kerry coastline

He was off his game, telling me it was his right as a backpacker to be naked and do stupid things, if not, you should work in the Work house (Existed in Ifreland over s 200 years, as Madonna would say Time goes slowley.

Day 2 of writing this entry

The reson for this is, my eyesight was failing me and there was too many spelling mistakes to be funny, just stupid. Now i´m digging up, so upwards and onwards.

Since i mety the Kerry man (Ran naked through Hostel Sue) and said to me afterwards ´I Think i´ll do it again´, truely off his game, maybe he´s the only sane person here, i dont know

Going to see Argentina and Ireland play tomorrow, rugby, should be good,, going with Fred and the Argentenian guy, All is good, and if we win better.

Back to the naked Irish guy, turns out he rushed the door and said ´You Canadian´s are just like Americian´s, only quieter´, true enough.

But the funniest bit was when the guys were smoking Joints and playing poker and a naked guy comes flying in and sits on jis ass and watches you playing, if anything you´d be thinking ´I have to stop smoking this shtuff´

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