Thursday, June 19, 2008

The word flood gates are beginning to open, the seal is broken

Strong man of Coney Island in Brooklyn

Only way a white man can shoot a black man in Brooklyn and not cause a riot

I remember walking towards Times Square and i hear a guy ask people 'How do you get to heaven without going to hell', the more i think about it, he wasn't as crazy now as he seemed.


Saw this guy in Melbourne before i left, flew the coup

Drop the lime, New York city in Revolver

Revolver, funny place

Let me tell you how i went from looking like i slept on the streets of New York to looking respectable (minus more tattoos)


I was walking with Diana in Coney Island looking for an ATM, after the ATM we walked passed a barber shop, in i went for a look, after negotiating a shave and hair cut for $15, in i sat, we were off.

The barber says to me 'Brother you really need a hair cut', i was thinking trimm, he gets his electric razor and cuts a big chunk of hair off the side of my head, it was 100c outside, before long the electric razor was all over my head, i was feeling cooler, employment prospects were looking up


Cyclone Roller coaster

All the cranes in New York were falling out of the sky, this roller coaster is over 80 years old, i hope the safety inspector is doing his job. Could it be a problem with the gravity in NY?

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