Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to the old country, no words for a while, now this

Me standing at the 5 points, New York

It's been a while, now something kick ass from a band that haven't been around for a while either.

Guns N' Roses 2006

Might as well stick some words in here, after all i have nothing better to do, and it would justify in some small way sticking all these pictures and videos when after all you could get them all somewhere else.

Diana had one of many dreams, she told me about it.

Here goes, we were walking somewhere and some guys were setting a woman on fire and i said 'You see Diana, that's how you do it!'

I'm pretty witty in other people's dreams it would appear, i wish i could be half as witty in reality or my own dreams, i don't ask for much.

So i did a search on fire and i found this

Liked the G N' R above? You might like this

Err....? Looks like a homeless guy eating his first corn dog

Gimme more!!!

One of the G N' R lyrics from 'Better' seems to hit a note

Now I know you better
You know I know better
Now I know you better!

A writer for a Brooklyn paper has a blog all about the txt messages she gets, i could have a similar site, if only......i turned my phone on and gave out my number to people that might want to call me, but why take the risk in all that, and then you have the mobile microwave's frying your balls.

Being unpopular is much cheaper and healthier

Times Square

That will be all....for now

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