Friday, June 20, 2008

3rd time luck New York, sweating my ass off too

Shooting a black man in Brooklyn

Jazz on Sunday in Washington park

So you say, what was the big apple like, anything rotten? Err... no.

In Mexico, it was getting hard to find somewhere to pratice my Spanish, in New York it seemed like the easiest place to practice my Spanish (i'm just like a Doctor or Lawyer when it comes to languages, and not a good one, i do recommend plenty of rest and a balanced diet and whatever the Spanish equivalent is, or whatever)

Bedford Av, Brooklyn

New York subway, cant be beaten, just like a box of chocolates

Now, here come the highlights....

Young Frankenstein, going to see the Yankees beat Toronto, a Canadian guy bought a fly ball for $200 and bought hostile New Yorkers a beer ($10 each) and wanted to buy another fly ball for $200, more money than sense i think, the Canadian dollar is doing better than the US $, the Yankees weren't too happy with that... and they were winning too

Went to see the Mets....and they weren't playing...well meself and Diana were there

Now watch this
Guns N' Roses Rock AM Ring 2006 Bette, Fuckin rocks!!!

Irish bar beer garden in St Marks

Irish bar beer garden in St Marks

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