Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nothing to do time to do the write ting

Susan and Diana

So, Diana and meself left Cork, Dublin being the destination, not the city.

To start things off, we did some research about land a joining our property (sounds like a big estate), it could only be done in Dublin after dong all of that, off we went to Dalkey and checked into a B+B.

Now check it, B-boy Junior

With the advent to the Tiger economy, people in Ireland have taken to stealing land or claiming land that is not theirs, hard to believe since it's hard to move or hide, but that's Ireland for you, it's important to know where your land begins and your neighbours ends, funnily in Denmark they don't really have boundary's or fences, but they are Scandinavians, very civilized people in the year 2008, 800 BC? No crazy wild men known for raping and pillaging, how times change?

Howth, one of the Martello towers built in case Napoleon invaded to liberate the Irish

Note: Napoleon didn't come in the end, the English navy went to Copenhagen in the year 1707 and bombed the hell out of the Danes to stop the Danish king siding with Napoleon and took their ships, but that's history for you.

Stranded in Howth

We were late, this was not a good thing, but since i left my notebook at home after doing everything on my 'To do' list, putting the notebook was not on the list, i am slowly learning, slowly.

Church in Howth, Phil Lynotts removal was here

Woman in the B+B was from somewhere in eastern Europe, for Diana afraid is not the word wouldn't use (2 double negatives, you'd need to be a mathematician to figure me out half the time, and don't forget to carry the 1)

Back to Diana and words to describe the B+B host, edgy, creepy, i just dont know, words can mean anything these days, i don't know what that means? See what i mean, much better sometimes to just read the pictures.

Irish life courtyard Dublin

Something i read in the Sin E pub, you could learn more in the toilet than most good books, 'I moved the Question, next question was how do i move?'

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