Monday, July 14, 2008

The Van Dam camp had a party

Posters to posers at the Festival

Every camp at the Roskilde festival had a name, my camp's name was..... i didn't have a camp name, just a tent, and I'll get to that too.

The 'Van Dam' camp put on parties every night, they spent 14,000 Kroner (1,877.63 EUR) renting a sound system for one week, out of their pocket, these people do this every year and they got DJ's from Copenhagen. I like that!!

Van Dam camp

For the Danish school kids it's a kind of rite of passage, finish school, go to the festival with all your friends, drink beer for one week and trash your tent and talk about it for the next year, do it all again until all your friends have grown up and have to go to work and mind kids, but you go anyway and all the people you observe are much older an you feel old and warm beer doesn't taste so good for breakfast and you own kids end up going and you start your speeches (that no one listens to with) 'In my day....', then it occurs to you, your just like your parents and you look for the paper to see the Obituary's to see who's died this week and have an early night.

and then there's the rain, last year they got 1 months rain in 1 day.

The Chilli peppers headlines, they apparently came from some other festival and were drunk and on drugs, boo hoo, they killed the rock and roll.

On the last night, i got back to my tent for a sleep from a DJ group called 'Digitalisim' and there was 3 new windows in my tent, so after asking some of my neighbours what happened, beer was on the cards, 2 hours later than planned i went to sleep, it was a great way to meet people.

We saw some guy pissing on the door of a porta loo, all he had to do was open the door, he didn't have to close the door.

I even caught 2 guys in the process of looting my tent


So with the new modifications (3 new doors) on my tent, i later tried to get into my tent (or poles with some fabric) and the zipper was stuck, i had to laugh.

I could have gotten a free tent if i was a thieving gypsy (and there was a few around) with all the tents that were left behind.

A chick i met in New York October last year went to her tent and found that it was gone, everything, she said she had too much stuff anyway, no big deal, i needed a new tent as the zipper was broke, deal or no deal? No big deal.

Tent with modifications

The site was resembling a refugee camp, i pointed this out to a First Aid worker the next day, i told her if she ever wanted to know what it was like to work in Africa, it would be cleaner than that site, i'm pretty sure African people wouldn't piss on a toilet door either :)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, that's what the blue tent with the broken zipper looked like! I'll know what to look for next year! :D