Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everybody needs a Sneachta

The new love of my mother's life, who says money cant buy you happiness? The whole family loves little Sneachta (Irish for snow) O'Callaghan, the cutest dog we have ever seen.

Camping in Denmark
Lesson 1, when you camp in Denmark it's worth putting the tent up properly, this includes putting the tent pegs in properly, because as much as the Danes like to party, they like doing things properly, there are traces of the German's through them (i still like them)

I did not put my tent pegs in properly, so someone (it's always somebody called someone, and when i catch him!)

I get back and my tent is sideways, it posed a challenge in how was i going to sleep sideways and to make matters worse, some girls had put their tent where my tent was, i had to see the funny side, with my tent being on it's side.

It made a good conversation opener 'Er, guys, what happened here ?'

So, the lesson is put the pegs in properly, then at the end of the festival some people burn tents and cut their own tents up, but that's at the end, the end...........

Lots of this at the Roskilde festival

Lots of skinny guys in Denmark, it must be the only place in the world where the guys are skinnier than the chicks and of course they ALL love to smoke, more tax might be needed here.

One town in Denmark is trying to have the smoking laws reversed, i have heard they defy the ban by smoking in smoke free places anyway, but the funny thing is they all look pretty healthy, maybe it works for them.

They don't seem to need food, just fags, maybe they have vitamins in their cigarettes, sounds good, eh? Seems to work too.

Denmark is very cheap.....if you are from Norway, so the Norwegians come down and get very pissed, you have to be rich to get pissed in Norway, so they think Denmark is cheap, nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so, according to Shakespeare anyway, i learnt something from a dead guy, i think.

Oh yeah, every year someone (there he is again) from Norway of them dies from drinking too much, there are dangers with things being expensive.

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