Sunday, July 13, 2008

The difference between good news and great news

Camp at the Roskilde festival

Iogged on to (no big deal you say, we have our own news sites on this side of the world, why should i care? )

I saw a title '$16,000 fine for landlord' and i thought, i'll bet that was Frank, my last landlord who stabbed me in the hand with a steak knife (that is why you should care)

Read all about him

Thats what i call great news, i got the Tax office on to him too and i got the local council to take the old cars he had parked on the street, if i did it i would get a ticket in 1 hour, he had them there for more than 3 months that i knew of.

One of many camps, it was so camp, rows of tents everywhere, all inside the line, they would be great at colouring there I'd bet!

Had a refugee camp feel to it in that corner, for our own good of course.

Went to see the Simpsons movie at the festival, it was too hot to do anything else, it rained and rained in Ireland, i was not in Ireland, it rained and rained at last years Roskilde festival.

Last year when i was in Europe (holidaying, cooking, cleaning, painting and gardening) it didn't rain much, when i got to Denmark it stopped raining, when i got back to Ireland, it stopped raining. When you book with Ryanair you dont need a sexy rain jacket, just sun tan lotion, factor 50 if you can get it

Roasting hot in the Festival, i needed mobile shade and the sarong did the job, in the evening it kept me warm, pretty handy.

One of the flags i saw at the festival was what i thought to be a Mexican flag, with that i made friendly introduction, i was told the flag was Italian, by that time it didn't matter what it was, it could have been a pirate flag, and i was drinking their beer.

Note to reader, listen up and you could learn something, the only difference between the flags is the Mexican had the eagle on a cactus with a snake in it's talons....... that is it.

Now read this picture

I get back to Cork and look out the window

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