Friday, July 11, 2008

New baby in church hill, introducing Sneachta

Is it beauty sleep?

Went out and bought a pedigree Chihuahua dog. Why? My mother always wanted one, i wanted to get a boxer dog, we settled for something you can stick in your hand bag (Paris Hilton is full of great ideas) 2 feet smaller, worth every penny, now that we are in Euro, worth that too.


Did you know the Euro and the English pound are trading nearly equally, which when you think about it, makes this country really expensive, really, really.

All the dogs in the from garden with Dad

The chicken came this case

Now i will take you to a place called Denmark, 800 AD the Vikings invaded ireland from a place called Roskilde, in 2008 i went there, i was there in 2007 but sadly after the festival or maybe that was a good thing because i stayed relatively dry last year, everybody else got wet, i hope they were wearing sexy rain jackets, i wore a tight fitting birthday suit (it stretches!!)

One of many places he had found to sleep around the house

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