Friday, July 11, 2008

Went to Roskilde for the warm up

I once read it's important to warm up, so with that off i went to the Roskilde festival, to warm up and....what ever it's not important, what is important is i was there, and i stayed there until Jay Z, i didn't want to be one of those people that went to Woodstock and fecked off early for a cup of tea and a bed time story.

This is the story........some of...........

Alien cow love and death metal

Note to reader
You might have heard a lot about things warming up of recent, global (boo hoo the penguins, 'Stop driving your killing us') or local 'Would you like some warm milk on your cornflakes love'

Note: By the looks of most camp sites, it was if people were expecting mammy to come along and clean up everything for them and why not?
She always does, not this time folks, mammy didn't come, not this time people, no mammy in sight, that means no bed time stories, just plenty of people getting pissed and passing out, hopefully in their own tents.

About 6am after the Chemical brother's gig, one of the camp parties, before they ran out of batteries (they weren't included)

So my warm up from Sunday till Thursday consisted of walking around from morning till night talking to as many people as possible, by the time the festival started i was feeling a bit worn out, how can there be more? It hadn't even begun.

Name says it all

Roskilde i was told is the exception week in Denmark where it is ok for everyone to talk to complete strangers, everyone speaks English, how hard does that sound? Too easy. You didn't need a reason to talk to anyone and everybody was like your best friend


(Disclaimer: Only for the festival though, you wouldn't go helping yourself to leftovers and a glass of milk a week after the festival because they had one of your beers!)

Funny way to crash the party

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