Monday, July 14, 2008

Star date 208.2457841.Roskilde festival

The writing is not on the wall

Met some Danes (i wish i could say they were crazy, but no) and they had an Irish flag flying, but the funny thing is they had no idea who put it there, but after the hellos, it didn't matter what was flying, bras and knickers? No, just flags....sadly)

Chemical brothers, great visuals !!!

This one had the roast beef

Called into a camp at the festival flying the Irish flag, no one knows how it got there, one of life's little mysteries, the Bermuda triangle is nothing, the Danish were scratching their heads (maybe they had lice?)


I met a Swedish guy and he was telling me they seem to think that Irish people are never sober, yeah, we don't get drunk, we're just never sober, at his school they have an Irish flag and some Irish song they sing when they drink, well it's nice to know they are thinking of us, i'd doubt any Irish kids are doing the same, maybe when the Vikings give us back all the beautiful women they stole, maybe then, but not until.

Interesting enough, Denmark apologised to Ireland for all the trouble they caused with their raping, pillaging and the like and said 'Sorry', Viking time line.

The Sea Stallion is on it's way back

It ok America, just dont do it again

Poetry, dont forget to look down!!

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